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Why and how did the US get involved in the Korean War

Table of Contents Introduction Why How Conclusion Works Cited Introduction On the surface, the Korean War seemed like a normal war between North and South Korea; however, there was more to it than what met the eye. This was a war between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. Critics and adherents alike have come up with many hypotheses as to why and how the US government got involved in the Korean War.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Why and how did the US get involved in the Korean War? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Why According to Park, America got involved because of the â€Å"Domino Theory; a political theory that if one nation comes under communist control then neighboring nations will also come under communist control† (96). In 1949, China had become one such a victim of communism and Truman knew if Korea went the same way, Japan would follow suit, something that would c ripple America’s economy. â€Å"Before the tide turned, the U.S. established very high war aims of seeking the destruction of the Communist regime in North Korea† (Reiter 63). It is evident that Truman never liked communism for he believed that it would undermine capitalism and freedom, important elements of American life. Cotton and Neary posit that, â€Å"the bombing as purely a military operation†¦as a means of applying pressure on the communists†¦ (107). Truman acted on the 1950 National Security Council report (NCS 68), which called for abolishment of communism. On the other hand, some scholars believe that America was competing against the USSR for world domination; consequently, Truman did not want to attack Russia directly so he opted to support South Korea as a way of fighting communism without involving the USSR directly. Other compelling reasons include the fact that after America lost its bid to control China from becoming a communist state coup led with the USSR’s acquiring atomic bomb, a preserve for the Americans; many people believed that the American government was becoming weak. Therefore, to prove that the American government was not weak, therefore, Truman acted to prove that the US government was as strong as ever. Other unusual interpreters claim, â€Å"Both sides wanted to unite but could not agree on what type of government, so the North tried to unite it forcefully by crossing the 38th parallel on June 25th 1950† (Park 99). By crossing over to the South, the North was angering the USA for it controlled the South region. Finally, America got involved in this war to honor her pledge contained in Truman’s document that stated that America would help any country that was willing to root out communism.Advertising Looking for research paper on asian? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More How The USA sent her troops to the Southern Korea governmen t under the pretext of United Nation’s peacekeeping mission; however, â€Å"†¦the UN forces of the free world, with the United States as its key participant joined the conflict to aid South Korea† (Millet 1). It is true that the North began the war by invading the South; something that led the UN; which was only five years old then, to ask ally nations to offer military support to the South region. Nevertheless, as aforementioned, Jenkins and Fredrick observe that, â€Å"To Kim’s surprise, however, the United States rose to action immediately† (xxiii). Therefore, it was an American exercise under the guise of the UN. Conclusion The Korean War was not just a normal war between the Southern and the Northern region; no, it was war between the US and the USSR as they contested for world supremacy among other reasons. Particularly, America wanted to protect her trade with Japan and lifestyles; these elements were under threat of communism. The sources us ed here are helpful for they offer different reasons behind America’s involvement in the Korean War. Without these different sources, one would think America went to this war for one reason; fortunately, these sources are peer-reviewed materials hence offering credible information. Works Cited Cotton, James, Neary, Ian. â€Å"The Korean War in History.† Manchester; Manchester University Press, 1989. Jenkins, Charles, Frederick, Jim. â€Å"The Reluctant Communist: My Desertion, Court-Martial, And Forty-Year Imprisonment in North Korea.† California; University of California Press, 2008.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Why and how did the US get involved in the Korean War? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Millett, Allan. â€Å"The Korean War.† The Korea Institute of Military History, 1999. Park, Hong-Kyu. â€Å"America Involvement in the Korean War.† Society for History Education, 1983. 16(2); 96-103 Reiter, Dan. â€Å"How Wars End.† New Jersey; Princeton University Press, 2009. This research paper on Why and how did the US get involved in the Korean War? was written and submitted by user Alina Lott to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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What is Urban Fantasy Definition and Examples

What is Urban Fantasy Definition and Examples What is Urban Fantasy? Definition and Examples Urban fantasy is perhaps one of the most exciting subgenre fantasies right now. From werewolves in Manhattan to gnomes in suburban gardens, it is a major part of the movement that is re-defining â€Å"fantasy† in the 21st-century.But what is urban fantasy exactly - and where can you go to read more of it? This guide is here to help, along with a few tips on how to write urban fantasy in this magical subgenre.What is urban fantasy?Urban fantasy describes a subgenre of fantasy in which the real world collides with the decidedly supernatural or magical world. Sounds simple, right? Think again! Fantasy and its subgenres are notoriously elastic, making the definition of â€Å"urban fantasy† decidedly open-ended. In the past, the term’s been used to describe a fantasy story that is set in:a city in an alternate world,a city in the modern world, orthe modern world.These days, this is the understanding that is most widespread: to be an urban fantasy, the story simply ne eds to be a fantasy with supernatural elements that is set in our world and modern time. Under this definition, the â€Å"urban† in â€Å"urban fantasy† is a bit of a red herring. So long as there are supernatural elements, the story can take place in either a modern New York City or Milwaukee, and it will still count.Urban fantasy stories also generally have strong tropes, such as gritty action, a noir feel, and a procedural plot (and we’ll get into this later in this post). This is why you’ll commonly hear the Sookie Stackhouse series, which is actually set in a rural small-town, labeled as an â€Å"urban fantasy† - whereas Harry Potter, for instance, rarely is.How does it differ from paranormal romance?Paranormal fantasy and urban fantasy are two birds of the same feather, which explains why they’re confused so often! Both are speculative fiction with supernatural elements in a real-world setting. Both also feature a romantic plot or sub plot in some shape or form.However, romance is the main plot and primary conflict in paranormal romance, while it is generally a subplot in urban fantasy. More than that, urban fantasies are known to have gritty violence and a tone that can get so dark it might even touch the horror genre. Keeping that mind, let’s see what urban fantasy looks like in action.Examples of urban fantasyThe best way to learn what is urban fantasy is to look at some examples! Here are two urban fantasy books that helped define the genre.American Gods by Neil GaimanIn the bygone days, people in the United States believed in gods and mythological beings. Indeed, immigrants brought leprechauns, elves, and all sorts of magical spirits with them when they came to the U.S. However, the influence of these deities has begun waning as belief in them dies and people turn their attention to the new gods: media and technology.This is the stage of Gaiman's acclaimed novel, which begins with an ex-convict, Shado w, being accosted by a Mr. Wednesday, who is not all that he seems. Shadow soon discovers he is standing in the middle of a war between America's ideological past and future - with nothing less than the country's fate hanging in the balance.Why is it a good sample of urban fantasy? American Gods is a 21st century classic of the genre: a grand fusion of fantasy and the modern world that doesn’t forget to explore the ramifications of such a mindmeld. Defying genre expectations, also  American Gods is not situated in a city. Instead, Shadow’s road trip is set mostly in America’s liminal spaces - its rest stops, motels, and small towns.The Dresden Files by Jim ButcherIn an embattled Chicago where vampires, demons, werewolves, and fairies co-exist with humans, Harry Dresden is the world’s only â€Å"consulting wizard.† Hired by humans and supernatural beings alike to solve everything from murders to rogue bakus, he has to get by on his private inves tigator’s salary, even as his work thrusts him into the darkest - and most magical - corners of gritty Chicago.Why is it a good sample of urban fantasy? Another classic in the genre - and a popular example of the way that traditional P.I. plots and fantasy collide in urban fantasy.And if you’d like the whole buffet of urban fantasy: head over to this Reedsy Discovery post of  20 best urban fantasy books  or this post that contains  33 best vampire books. You can also check out this list of the 100 best fantasy series ever, which includes a number of urban fantasy seriesPRO-TIP: To get early and exclusive access to new indie urban fantasy books, consider signing up for Reedsy Discovery! It's free and you'll be the first to discover tomorrow's bestsellers in the genre.How to write urban fantasyConfident that you know what urban fantasy is now and want to give writing it a go? Great. Here are some tips to help you along.1. Know the tropes How to Create a Character Profile: the Ultimate Guide (with Template) Read post Urban fantasies are also character-driven at heart. First person point of views abound, letting readers inside the head of the protagonist. It would be well worth your time to sit down and figure out the key details of your character, including their motivation and backstory. If you need help, you can grab this free fillable character profile.The best part of writing urban fantasy is that there’s so much room to explore. Now that you have a framework for the genre, it’s up to you to pick up that pen - and let your imagination carry you the rest of the way.Do you write or read urban fantasy? Leave your thoughts (and book recommendations) in the comments below!

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Are organizations rational Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Are organizations rational - Essay Example 490). Efficiency itself is a fundamental necessity of an organization both for the top management and the organizational workers. The theory of administration is â€Å"concerned with how an organization should be constructed to accomplish its work efficiently† (Davis, 1996). There are two important elements in a rational organization i.e. goals’ specificity, and formalization. Specificity of goals establishes allocation of resources by laying out rules and regulations for specific activities so that they can be accomplished in a regulated manner. Formalization, on the other hand, is a strategy of standardizing behavior of the organizational personnel. If these two elements are present in an organization, top management can form stable expectations from the organizational personnel and a rational organizational system comes into being. Dr. Frederick Winslow Taylor tried to rationalize organizational personnel by analyzing the ways in which the amount of output can be maximized with the minimal use of resources (Montemurro, n.d., p. 2). Some ways in which this can be achieved include distribution of work responsibilities between workers and managers, establishment of incentive system on the basis of performance, scientific training of workers, deve lopment of science for the responsibilities of each worker, and timely achievement of goals on the part of all workers. Taylor thinks that if the efficiency of the organizational personnel is increased in the scientific manger, this would not just increase opportunities for them to get more work, but would also play a role in improving the quality of life. Some problems that surface out of scientific management include workers’ tendency to rebel against the mundaneness in a standardized system, and workers’ tendency to reject the incentive system because of the need to show optimal productivity

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Chlamydia Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Chlamydia - Research Paper Example In addition, it affects both men and women. Additionally, about 30 to 50 percent of the women in the United States have been exposed to the bacterium at one point in their life. Additionally, Chlamydia ascends to the upper genital tract if left untreated in about 40 percent of the cases. As a result, C. trachomatis is known to be one of the major causes of acquired infertility. Generally, due to the high prevalence and adverse complication of untreated infections Chlamydia remains a major public health problem in industrialized countries (Dean, et al., 2009). As aforementioned, Chlamydia is transmitted from one individual to another through oral and sexual contact. Penetrative sexual intercourse is the primary mode of transmission. Chlamydia is transmitted through the vagina, anus, and oral sexual intercourse with an disease-ridden partner (Malhotra, Sood, Mukherjee, Muralidhar, & Bala, 2013). Infected individuals are the reservoirs of the infection. According to Breguet (2006), Mother to Child Transmission (MCT) can occur during vaginal delivery. In addition, conjunctivitis can occur on the occasion that a person touches his or her eyes with infected hands. The infections occur in the urethra, cervix, throat, rectum, eyes, throat, penis, and cervix (Breguet, 2006). According to the CDC (2007), a quarter of the females infected and half of the males do not present with any symptoms. In this regard, it is referred to as the ‘silent’ disease. However, in the population that presents with symptoms, they usually occur within 1 to 3 weeks after infection. Additionally, the symptoms tend to present differently in both men and women. The urethra and the cervix are the major organs affected in women. After an infection, women present with symptoms such as abnormal vaginal discharge and pain when passing urine. An infection of the cervix and fallopian tubes is characterized by symptoms such as pain during copulation, abnormal vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain,

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Cancer patients and results of radiations Essay

Cancer patients and results of radiations - Essay Example The primary types of cancer treatments include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Biologic, hormone and targeted therapies also exist. Surgery involves the removal of cancerous tissue or tumor. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy on the other hand, are non-invasive. Radiation therapy is used to treat cancer cells that are localized, while chemotherapy is used to treat cancer cells that are no longer localized and have spread to other parts of the body. In radiation therapy, patients are subjected to high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors (National Cancer Institute i). Common types of radiations used in this treatment include gamma rays, charged particles and X-rays. The radiation could be delivered externally or internally. Around half of all cancer patients undergo some form of radiation therapy during their treatment (National Cancer Institute i). Radiation therapy damages the DNA of cancer cells in order to kill them. While radiation therapy is used to kill cancer cells, it may also damage normal cells, resulting in serious side-effects. Chemotherapy involves the use of strong drugs administered orally or through injection. Like radiation therapy, chemotherapy also has serious side effects depending on the length of the treatment, the types of drugs taken and the amount of dosage administered. Some of the side effects include vomiting, nausea, hair loss, fatigue and increased chances of infections (American Cancer Society 11). Similarly, the side effects of radiation therapy depend on the body area being treated, dosage administered per day, total dosage given, general medical condition and other treatments that are being administered at the same time (National Cancer Institute x). It can cause both early and late side effects. Early (acute) side effects are those that occur during the treatment while late

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Live Together Before Marriage?

Live Together Before Marriage? Now-a-days it is the trend among the people that they move in before marriage. Either love or attachment plays a vital role in it. But the main concept of men and women living together before marriage is considered as a sin in some religions, or most religions. But as the world is making progress so are the minds of people, changing according with the time. Now an individual before even engagement or marriage moves in and then tries to understand the other person. Sometimes, this is the reason and sometimes it is not depending on the thinking and mentality of people. But it can be a problem for women as well as for men. Now the basic problem is that what a person should do? Whether he should let the change happen, or he shouldnt. A New Woman magazine study by Columbia University discovered that twenty six percent of women reviewed and a slight nineteen percent of men wed the individual with whom they were co-habiting. The mean cohabitant has several partners in a lifetime. Cohabitati on involves no public firm promise, no promise for the future, no authorized statement of love and blame. There is essentially a personal placement founded on an emotional bond. The commitment of dwelling simultaneously is easily a month-to-month rental agreement. There is a statement in The Future Of Marriage by Jessie Bernard in which he stated, One fundamental fact underlies the conception of marriage itself. Some kind of firm pledge should be involved. Merely fly-by-night, feel and go relationships do not specify. According to him the people who get married with a condition of dying with each other possess a reasonably distinct level of firm pledge, thus a quite distinct grade of security, therefore a rather distinct grade of freedom, and as an outcome a rather different grade of joyfulness than those who wed with a condition in their mind that they will last together till their love last. These types of people habitually anticipate the instant when they or their partner gets up one sunrise and discovers the fine emotion that retains them afloat has disintegrated under them. Cohabitation is a dangerous trend that has recently been too readily accepted without much resistance or criticism from society Is cohabitation a sin or not depends on what one means by the word moving in together, in the Bible it is clearly stated that having a sexual relationship before marriage is a sin and in the Bible the word fornication has been used to explain the forbidden deed of living together before marriage and how sexually immoral such an act is. In most of the religions practiced all over the world the concept of cohabitation is prohibited and is considered as a sin for which one cannot be forgiven. Many couples living together are happy internally but due to the guilt inside of committing a sin and the social not acceptance of their relationship disturb their bond and they are in a constant insecure state. America is a State where the society has widely accepted this socially constructed concept of living in together although Christianity does not allow that a man and women should live together before marriage as it results in temptation that leads them to cross every limit and turn into an e nemy of God. Living together means two people with consensus making a decision to go against the will of God for the sake of love or sexual temptation, which can be definitely called a sin. Why a sin? Well because the whole approach undermines the value of a family structure and mainly because almost all the religions do not accept it as a moral deed. Body: A: Is living together before marriage wrong? Cohabitation takes away the charm of marriage and turns it into a compromise if children are involved. Couples that move in together to try out if they can have a happy married life end up in a broken relationship which leaves a long lasting effect on their lifes. The growing trend of living together is wrong because according to various surveys and research reports the cohabitant couples are most likely not interested in marrying each other and even if they do there is a high rate of separation, sexual abuse and mental torture not only for the couple but for the children as well. How would a parent stop his/her daughter from living in with another guy if they have practiced the same act? Children of cohabitant couples have a high tendency of indulging in immoral activities in their young teenage and suffer from physical violence. The people who move in together before marriage are also expected to have extramarital affairs and are not good at commitments. Most importantly it is a re ligious sin and is an act if practiced pushes Gods blessing away from you. It is a physical attraction that leads to instability in life; even many satisfied live in partners end up in the torturing break ups and a constant feeling of fear and resentment. (Don Weston) Some say cohabitation is not wrong, what is the big deal if two people want to live together and share their expenses and responsibilities? The younger generation of today finds living together a very attractive package, one gets to enjoy all the desires without any legality. There is no risk of divorce, many justify it by claiming that moving in together before marriage gives them an opportunity to know each other more closely and decide whether to get involved in a legal relationship or not. With the rapid increase in modernization this trend has been now accepted as a culture in many parts of the United State. B: Why do the Cons outweigh the Pros of living together before marriage? Living in together before marriage for the new generation is like a roller coaster ride for free! Whereas they dont see the side effects of availing this package, the cons are enough for the critics to justify their criticism on living in together. Though many couples prefer moving in together rather than getting into a serious marital relationship which actually shows the level of commitment they share, and the sacred relation of marriage they are scared to get involved in. The more a couple is sexually active before marriage the greater they have a chance to get divorced, because they get over with all the temptation and craze as much as they prolong their living together time period. (Fowler, 2005) Conclusion: Cohabitation is forbidden: The couples who favor cohabitation even if are in majority cannot deny that religiously as well as morally the concept of as a Bible calls it fornication is forbidden by God in nature. The word pornography had been originated from this same word and as it is seen the society considers such websites and acts highly immoral and against their beliefs and religion. The acceptance of this concept by society means they are accepting a trend which will destroy the institution of marriage as well as the responsibility of parents will be questioned as well due to getting involved multiply in such a deed. Although this concept has been growing in Christ but Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and many other religions are strictly forbidden from committing any such deed and if they do so they believe that they will be answerable to God Almighty and even if God forgives; it is not easy to be forgiven by the society for something that is sinful and is forbidden in nature. Work Cited: Grinberg, Emanuella. Report: More women moving in before marriage. 4 April 2013. CNN. 2013 . Gueren, Casey. Are You Ready to Move in Together? 11 April 2013. The Scoop. 2013 . Kaplan, Karen. More Americans are living together before marriage, study finds. 03 April 2013. L.ATimes. 2013 . Murray, Rheana. Half of couples move in before marriage, stay there longer: CDC. 5 May 2013. NYDailyNews. 2013 . Staff, Patch. Study Reported by CDC Reveals More People Now Live Together Before Marriage. 5 April 2013. DuluthPatch. 2013 . Don Weston, L. M. Twenty Good Reasons why not to cohabitant Before Marriage. Kansas City, Missouri: Family Life Ministries- Church of the Nazarene Jim Pettit, PhD coordinator. Fowler, R. (2005) Scriptures on Living Together Before Marriage

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ONE SIDED LOVE Essay -- essays research papers

The story was written by John Steinbeck by the name â€Å"The Chrysanthemums†. The story takes a place on a farm in December 1938. The story is based on three characters: Elisa, her husband Henry, and the tinker. Elisa was 35 years old and was married to Henry. She was a hard workingwoman on a farm. It was a virile occupation, compared with her husband who was a businessman. Their relationship wasn’t normal. He didn’t see her as a lady, due to her unattractive appearance. One day the tinker passed by her house, and changed her life. The tinker caused her to confirm her femininity.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The tinker made her laugh by his stories, and reflect her. He was curious about her chrysanthemums, and complimented her for her work. Her husband never realized nor was interested in her talent. She explained the tinker how to grow the Chrysanthemums successfully. â€Å"Her eyes shone† she tore off the battered hat and â€Å"shook out her dark pretty hair†. After awhile, she offered him a flowerpot to take along with him. The tinker was glad to get the seeds in the pot, although it was not what he wished for. Now, she did not care about her gloves from her excitement. She used her strong fingers to fill up the pot with soil. â€Å"Her face was tight with eagerness†, when she looked at him.† Her breast swelled passionately†. After the tinker left she whispered: â€Å"that’s a bright direction, there’s a glow in there†.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Elisa felt disgraced about her self so, she ... ONE SIDED LOVE Essay -- essays research papers The story was written by John Steinbeck by the name â€Å"The Chrysanthemums†. The story takes a place on a farm in December 1938. The story is based on three characters: Elisa, her husband Henry, and the tinker. Elisa was 35 years old and was married to Henry. She was a hard workingwoman on a farm. It was a virile occupation, compared with her husband who was a businessman. Their relationship wasn’t normal. He didn’t see her as a lady, due to her unattractive appearance. One day the tinker passed by her house, and changed her life. The tinker caused her to confirm her femininity.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The tinker made her laugh by his stories, and reflect her. He was curious about her chrysanthemums, and complimented her for her work. Her husband never realized nor was interested in her talent. She explained the tinker how to grow the Chrysanthemums successfully. â€Å"Her eyes shone† she tore off the battered hat and â€Å"shook out her dark pretty hair†. After awhile, she offered him a flowerpot to take along with him. The tinker was glad to get the seeds in the pot, although it was not what he wished for. Now, she did not care about her gloves from her excitement. She used her strong fingers to fill up the pot with soil. â€Å"Her face was tight with eagerness†, when she looked at him.† Her breast swelled passionately†. After the tinker left she whispered: â€Å"that’s a bright direction, there’s a glow in there†.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Elisa felt disgraced about her self so, she ...

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Nelson Mandela And His Life And Work History History Essay

Nelson Mandela. The adult male everyone knows about. The adult male who was against the Apartheid. He did n't merely speak about it, but he besides did something about it. He ‘s a great adult male. In this chapter we ‘ll speak about his life, his actions and how these actions have changed the universe. Biography Rolihlahla Mandela, subsequently called Nelson Mandela, was born on July 18, 1918 in Mvezo. A bantam small town in the state of Transkei, South Africa. Mandela ‘s male parent had three married womans. The 3rd one was Mandela ‘s female parent, here name was Nosekeni Fanny. Mandela ‘s male parent was destined to be a main and served as a counselor to tribal heads. But this was non traveling tot happen. Over a difference with the local colonial magistrate, he lost his rubric and luck. Because of this event, they were forced to travel tot Qunu. This was an even smaller small town so Mvezo and lay in North of it. The small town was n't developed by far. There were n't any roads, merely some foot waies. The household lived in huts and could merely afford the local crop to eat. This consisted corn, sorghum, Cucurbita pepo and beans. Water could merely be fetched from springs and watercourses and cookery was done outdoors. Mandela ‘s household had a truly heard clip, but he himself could still be a kid. He played games with the other male childs who lived in the small town. Rolihlahla ‘s male parent ‘s friends suggested that Rolihlahla would travel to the Methodist church and so he became the first in his household to go to school. As was the usage at the clip, Rolihlahla got a new first name. This was likely due to significance of his old name: ‘troublemaker ‘ . His instructor told him his new name would be ‘Nelson ‘ . Since so Mandela was no longer called Rolihlahla, but Nelson Mandela. The name of the adult male we know today as a really great adult male in history. When Nelson Mandela was nine old ages old his male parent died of a lung disease. This changed his life dramatically. He was adopted by Chief Jongintaba Dalindvebo, the moving trustee of the Thembu people. Old ages earlier Nelson ‘s male parent had recommended Jongintaba to be made a head. So this was done as a gesture to him. This acceptance meant that Nelson had to go forth the small town Qunu. He moved to Mqhekezweni, the provincial capital of Thembuland. Here was the head ‘s royal abode where Nelson would be populating in the following few old ages. His new household treated him good. Nelson was given the same position and duties as the trustee ‘s two other kids, his boy Justice and his girl Namafu. Nelson besides got instruction. He studied English, Xhosa, history and geographics at a one-room school next to the castle. During his stay in Mqhekezweni, a few senior trustees came to the Great Palace on official concern. It was caused by them that he got so interested by African history. They told him about South Africa. About the manner how the people lived in peace before the white people had arrived. The people of South Africa lived as brothers until the white work forces ruined that bond. The white work forces took all the land for themselves and left nil for its original dwellers. This cognition has had a great influence on his ulterior life. When the male childs in Africa were 16 old ages old, they would do the passage from boyhood to manhood. So would Mandela. This was a ritual every male child would travel through in his life. When it was Mandela ‘s bend, it was n't an ordinary rite. Most of the clip the rite was something you should be happy about. You were turning into a adult male! But this clip it was n't that cheerful. The chief talker at the ceremonial, Chief Meliggili, spoke unhappily of the immature work forces as a coevals enslaved in their ain state. Their land was under the control of the white work forces, so they would ne'er hold the power to regulate themselves, he said. Because of this it was non the ceremonial the immature male childs had expected. But at least, Nelson had eventually turned into a adult male! In 1939, the twelvemonth when Nelson turned 18, he went to the University College of Fort Hare. This was the lone residential Centre of higher acquisition for inkinesss in South Africa. You can compare Fort Hare with Oxford or Harvard. Mandela took all the needed classs, but focused on Roman Dutch jurisprudence. This was to fix for a calling in civil service as an translator or clerk. This was the best profession you could obtain as a black adult male. A few hebdomads after Nelson got home from the University College of Fort Hare, the trustee Jongintaba announced he had arranged a matrimony for him. Mandela was shocked and felt trapped. He ran off to Johannesburg, where he had a assortment of occupations. While he was working he besides was finishing his unmarried man ‘s degree via correspondence classs. After this he went to the University of Witwatersrand where he studied jurisprudence. During his survey he became actively involved in the anti-apartheid motion and joined the African National Congress ( ANC ) in 1942. Within the ANC, a little group of immature Africans ( Nelson Mandela included ) bonded together, naming themselves the African National Congress Youth League. They wanted to alter the old tactics of polite petitioning. They wanted to make something that was effectual. In 1949 the ANC officially adopted the methods of the Youth League. From now on they used methods like work stoppages, civil noncompliance and non-cooperation with the white work forces. Their end was to acquire redistribution of land, merchandise brotherhood rights and free and mandatory instruction for all the black kids. For 20 old ages Nelson directed a run of peaceable, non-violent rebelliousness against the South African authorities and its racialist policies. These runs included the Defiance Campaign in 1952 and the Congress of the Peoples in 1955. But non everything was condoned. In 1956 Mandela and 150 others were arrested, but besides instantly acquitted. During this period, a new organisation was formed, the Africanists. Another group of black militants, but who disagreed with the methods of the ANC. They thought it was uneffective. By 1959 the ANC lost much of its support, because of the Pan-Africanist Congress. The new name of the Africanists, who had grown in figure of back uping people. Mandela, who was ever committed tot non-violent protest, began to believe otherwise by 1961. He believed the lone manner to accomplish alteration was armed battle. Because of this new idea he co-founded Umkhonto we Sizwe, besides known as MK. This was an armed outgrowth of the ANC. It was formed to stop apartheid utilizing guerrilla war tactics and sabotage. He organized a three-day national workers work stoppage in 1961, which led to his apprehension in 1962. He was sentenced to five old ages in prison for the work stoppage. But this was n't the concluding determination. He was brought to test once more in 1963, where he and ten other ANC leaders were sentenced to life imprisonment for political offenses, including sabotage. Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island. Here he received the lowest degree of intervention because of the fact that he was a black political captive. However, Mandela spent a portion of his imprisonment rather good. He earned a Bachelor of Law degree through a University of London correspondence plan. About everyone in the universe knew Mandela by so. He was a symbol of black opposition. Mandela got much international support, but this was n't that helpful for him. The South African authorities kept him locked up on Robben Island. Mandela did n't remain on Robben Island. In 1982 he and the other ANC leaders were moved to Pollsmoor Prison. This was to enable contact between the captives and the authorities of South Africa. Many offers were made to Mandela. So offered president P.W. Botha in 1985 Mandela ‘s release in exchange for abdicating armed battle, but this offer was rejected. The force per unit area continued to lift. Not merely local, but besides international. In 1989 Botha suffered a shot. Because of this he was replaces by Frederik Willem de Klerk. This alteration of president led to the release of Mandela in 1990. Not merely this had changed. The ANC were unbanned, the limitations on political groups were removed and executings were suspended. Mandela did n't desire foreign powers to interfere. He stated a committedness to work toward peace. But he did n't stop the armed battle of the ANC. This would go on until the black bulk received the right to vote. In 1991 Mandela was elected president of the ANC. He kept negociating with president De Klerk. He still wanted multi-racial elections. The white people were willing to portion the power, so that was n't the job. The job was that many black Africans wanted a complete transportation of power. The dialogues were frequently really labored and there were a batch of violent eruptions trough the whole state. Besides Mandela played a function in the agitation of the land. He made certain the presentations and armed opposition went on, to put an even heavier force per unit area on the South African authorities. Mandela ‘s tactics led to success. On April 27, 1994, the first democratic elections were held in South Africa. A few months subsequently, on May 10, 1994, Mandela ( who was 77 old ages old ) was chosen to be the state ‘s first black president. De Klerk was became his first deputy. Nelson and de Klerk won the Nobel Prize for Pease in 1993, for leveling apartheid. Mandela published his autobiography ‘Long Walk to Freedom ‘ in 1994. Much of this book had he, in secret, written while he was in prison. Mandela worked while he was president on the relationship between the black and the white people. He used the state ‘s enthusiasm for athleticss for this. He encouraged the black work forces to back up the white work forces with their athleticss, in peculiar Rugby. And so he encouraged the white work forces to back up the black work forces with their athleticss. This led to Mandela ‘s end, a better relationship between those to groups. Not merely did he work on this, he besides worked on the state ‘s economic system. He protected it from prostration. Mandela had formed a Reconstruction and Development Plan, which led to the creative activity of new occupations, lodging and basic wellness attention. In 1996 he signed into the jurisprudence of South Africa that everyone was equal to each other and that everyone had the right to vote. In 1999 Mandela retired from active political relations. He still maintained a busy agenda. He had founded his ain organisation: the Mandela Foundation. This foundation built schools and clinics in South Africa. He besides published a figure of books. Those were about his life and battle. Mandela was diagnosed and treated for prostate malignant neoplastic disease. Three old ages subsequently, in June 2004, he announced his formal retirement from public life. He returned to his native small town of Qunu. This was at the age of 85 old ages. In July 2007, Mandela convened a group of universe leaders in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Among them Graca Machel, Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan, Ela Bhatt, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Jimmy Carter, Li Zhaoxing, Mary Robinson and Muhammad Yunus. They named themselves ‘The Elders ‘ . This group wanted to happen solutions to jobs around the universe. The fought for peace, adult females ‘s equality, an terminal to atrociousnesss and democracy. Mandela besides fought against AIDS. This disease killed his boy, Makgatho Mandela in 2005. Mandela was married three times. To Evelyn Ntoko Mase from 1944 boulder clay 1957, they had four kids. From 1958 boulder clay 1996 he was married with Winnie Madikizela-Mandela with whom he had two girls. He ‘s now married to Gra & A ; ccedil ; a Machel since 1998. A closer expression to his actions

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Cause and Effects of Lying Essay

People lie everyday, in someway or another, to keep themselves out of trouble. People lie about all types of situations. Regardless, a lie is a lie. Lying never stops. Each day we make the same choice hundreds of times: whether to lie or tell the truth. We are so quick to over look the obvious yet inconsequential decisions that we make each day about lying and telling the truth. Getting into trouble is most often the situation that everyone tries to avoid and therefor lie about. With all the lying going on in todays society its often nearly impossible to trust anyone anymore. So I ask you when is lying acceptable? Is lying acceptable? How can telling a lie benefit you or hurt you? In my own personal knowledge I understand that we begin lying from almost the time we began speaking until we are taking our last breaths. As small children we lie we lie about little things like if we really pooped in our pants to coloring on the wall and in my opinion I beleive that is only the start. As we get older our daily use of lying gets more and more frequent. As teenagers we feel the need to constantly lie about our grades, chores,our homework, or even what our weekend plans consist of. As adults the lies get even more progressive and more unacceptable. What about lying to impress someone? Possibly the most typical type of lying is due to trying to impress someone. We lie to impress friends,family,co-workers, and even those random people we have no idea who they are. The question is can lying to impress someone help you? Well to answer your question, In some cases yes it can but you still need to be aware of the unintended consequences of lying. Unintended consequences include losing your job for lying about something as simple as your age as well as create a potential problem for future employment. Small children and teenagers are in constant battle with one another of who is better. The downfall to that is the truth being releived. In the end telling a lie is only going to hurt you. There are two effects of lying, the good and the bad. Some good examples of lying can be the obvious no one finds out the truth, But I mean lets face it sooner or later your bound to get caught. Lying to your parents about where you were on saturday night and them never knowing the truth is an excellent example of a positive effect. But on the other hand if you are to get caught in the lie you can face the possible  punishment of grounding, spanking, extra chores and even more. More importanly as adults we lie to our spouses. Lying to our spouse can have some serious longterm effects on our lives and others as well. It may result in divorce,or breakups, unhappiness and missery for the other partner as well as children if they are involved. So you see a lie can benefit you and hurt you. Another example of beneficial lying would be parents and there children. As parents we dont always understand what a child has so enthusiastically dwarn up for us, but we make sure to tell them we do. Those types of lies are probably the only exceptable and beneficial types of lying a person can do. Perhaps if we spent more time thinking on the consequences of lying we wouldn’t do it so frequently. Although a lie may seem beneficial at the time it is normally proceeded by some not so beneficial consequences. Just remember this one important thing lying hurts you more than anything. So if you must lie first ask yourself will I be benefiting anyone from my lie or hurting someone or myself. Stop and think for a moment. Lies equal lack of trust and we all need trust.

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Overfishing essays

Overfishing essays Over fishing is when an eco-system has been fished to the detriment or depletion of an organism. This has become an increasingly worse problem here in the Fiji Islands. Fiji has the perfect environment for the fishing industry. The fishing industry has continued to grow due to the large supply of big fish such as tuna. Over 150 fishing licenses have been issued to foreign fishermen from countries such as China, Korea, and Japan. Recently it has become aware to the people that their waters are being overfished, and these foreign vessels are destroying the environment. Overfishing in Fiji waters is caused to the large number of foreign fishing vessels. Some of these vessels are taking illegal steps to ensure they take more fish back home. Recently Greenpeace undertook and investigation in the fishing industry. They found illegal fish vessels in the waters. Fishermen from China would register one boat then paint two or three other boats the same as the registered boat and name it the same as the registered boat. This way it would seem that the boat is a legal registered boat, and then a few days later they would rename and paint the boat and match it with another registered boat. This allows the fish companies to take more fish than they are supposed too without being noticed. Another cause for overfishing is the increased technology. Fishing equipment and vessels have improved so much that it allows for more fish to be caught in strike and it also allows for bigger fish to be caught. This new high tech equipment does not only catch fish, but other marine animals which could lead to extinction. The overfishing is affecting the daily lives of the local people. For many of them their livelihoods depends on the catching and selling of fish. Because the waters are overfished, the locals cannot catch any big fish to sell therefore they cannot buy food or send their children to school. 26% of Fijians are in this position today. ...

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Assessment of Qatari Traditional Architecture Responsiveness to the Research Paper

Assessment of Qatari Traditional Architecture Responsiveness to the Environment - Research Paper Example This is not usually the case in most places. Therefore, the architecture has evolved to take the roaring winds into the equation (Mohamed &Bourennane 34). The main environmental challenge that the people and even the architecture have had to adapt to is the desert conditions. There is rarely any vegetation growing by itself. Even in cases where there is vegetation, it is because of the great care that is paid to it. The buildings are today being designed so as to be sustainable. This means they have to take the environment into account. The buildings now are therefore more ‘green’. They make good use of the limited resources i.e water and energy (Mohamed &Bourennane 34). These winds must meet something in the form of a windbreaker or a tree, in places with ordinary environmental conditions. This is not the case in Qatar. The walls of the buildings have been built to be very tall and firm. This means that they play the role of windbreakers even as they provide shelter for the residents of the gulf. This is an important function because wind can be a major irritant as well as a great utility. In this way, architecture has responded to the need for shelter from the winds (Mohamed & Bourennane 37). People have responded to the danger posed by strong winds by living in walled cities and close to one another. They indeed seem to draw their strength from their numbers. This way, they fortify themselves against the winds that can otherwise carry isolated structures with them. Architecture has also responded to this by providing communal models to houses. As a result, shops, mosques and schools are located close to one another (Mohamed & Bourennane 37). Another climatic condition of the gulf that is well recognized is the hot sun. Of course the climatic conditions in the gulf are desert like. This means that the sun is very hot for very long hours of the day. While the sun is hot during the day, the nights are extremely cold. The architecture has responded to this by coming up with the sort of buildings that are thick-walled, and in most cases the roofing is made from materials that are poor conductors of heat. This is to protect the occupants from the hot rays, as well as retain necessary heat for the cold nights (Mohamed & Bourennane 45). Challenges encountered An inquiry of this kind is, admittedly, best carried out in the field. The reasons are simple. It is better to find out about all the different details that are talked about when the object stands physically in front of you. The immediacy of the object also makes you appreciate the tiny nuances that are hard to grasp when explained on paper. Therefore, the first challenge faced was explaining the importance of the study and what it was all about to non-architecture students. They did their best to appreciate architecture. However, beforehand knowledge looked like something that was sorely needed even for the brightest students. This compelled the need to enlighten the student s before the questions were asked. This greatly slowed down the interviews (Groat & Wang 24). Another challenge worth mentioning is that some of the students who were interviewed were of the age where appreciation of architecture is not fully developed. There were students of up to the age of fourteen. The task was extremely hard for those who were of this young age. Consequently, the problem was compounded by the fact that they were non-architecture

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Answering questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Answering questions - Essay Example My writing experience during high school and college can only be described as fun. This is because, in many cases, even during other courses that required an essay, I would find it being so much enjoyable since I usually scoped high grades in those quizzes and assignments. Since writing is my passion, and with my studies now, I have a lot of experience in stories and poems. Since I began my college studies, I have written several poems and stories that I intend to publish in due course. My writing skills also involve writing dissertations and article writing. I usually write articles which are published in our state youth journal that gives me an avenue to explore my skills and talent. My future career is to be consultant in the field of marketing; therefore, my writing skills would be widely used in communicating with my clients and to the markets thereafter. Since marketing strategies involve wide interactions with the customers (people), I intend to sharpen my skills so that I would effectively communicate during my work