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Single-Sex Education

Research paper April 2, 2010 Single-Sex Education Have you at any point been sitting in a study hall and thought about what it resembles to have a whole class with just young ladies or just young men? Shouldn't something be said about a whole school? The drive for sexual orientation value in American instruction happened during the 1970’s and 1980’s, which was pushing coeducation forward. The Title IX enactment, passed by Congress in 1972, honed open consciousness of value gives that were identified with gender.Public worries about sexual opportunity; an ascent in unmarriedâ€especially teenage†pregnancy; and the development of explicitly transmitted infections prompted a reexamination of coeducational rules. In the late 1970’s, specialists started to take note of the more elevated levels of ladies scholastic accomplishments at single-sex schools contrasted with coeducational foundations. In a 1992 distributed report, the American Association of University Women addressed whether coeducation was the most ideal approach to accomplish the more significant levels of achievements for youthful women.They asserted that ladies were bound to be overlooked in class conversations and subjects to dangers of inappropriate behavior. Instructive reformers were worried about the low scholarly exhibitions of youthful African-American guys. They started to investigate the chance of every single male foundation, to give a situation that would be liberated from interruptions in which these understudies could concentrate on accomplishments. (Rury, 2008) When tolled together, the numbers are not for single-sex instruction since ninety-six percent of non-public schools are coeducational (Kennedy, 2010).Kennedy expressed that just one point eight percent of young ladies and two point two percent of young men are taught in single-sex schools (2010). Be that as it may, this could be on the grounds that out of the ninety-3,000 state funded schools in America, just 200 and forty-one of them much offer single-sex classes (McNamara, 2006). As indicated by CBS Evening correspondent, Melissa McNamara expressed, â€Å"Three years prior, Woodward Elementary close to Orlando, Florida, isolated young men and young ladies. The school's state sanctioned grades have hopped for both genders.After two years of same-sex classes, seventy-one percent of understudies beat the national normal in perusing, and seventy-nine percent beat it in math (2006). † The main scholastic source I found that straightforwardly identifies with my point is called â€Å"Effect of single-sex instruction on progress in GCSE,† composed by Eva Malacova. An ongoing report found that young men in single-sex schools improve on normal GCSE, while young ladies on all out GCSE scores. On the off chance that you don't have a clue what GCSE is an open assessment taken by multi year old fashioned understudies in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland toward the finish of Ye ar Eleven.Another investigation was improved in single-sex sentence structure schools contrasted with their friends in blended schools. Likewise lower capacity young men improved in single-sex complete schools than coeducational schools. (Malacova, 2007) Another investigation that was done, revealed that young ladies in single-sex free schools accomplish on normal 0. 179 GCSE focuses more than those in coeducational free schools for earlier execution, however they accomplished 0. 175 focuses lower progress on normal for punctuation schools. A similar report additionally expressed that young men in single-sex autonomous schools appear to accomplish on normal 0. 04 GCSE focuses more than young men going to coeducational free schools, however they accomplished 0. 273 focuses lower progress on normal for syntax schools. In end for this scholastic diary source, young ladies that went to single-sex free schools accomplish higher advancement from GCSE when contrasted with peers in coeducat ional autonomous schools. It was the equivalent for young men, as it said that young men in single-sex free schools appear to accomplish a higher mean GCSE score contrasted with their companions in coeducational autonomous schools. (Malacova, 2007)The second scholastic article I discovered was entitled â€Å"Single-sex tutoring: is it essentially a ‘class act’? † composed by Georgina Tsolidis and Ian R. Dobson. They expressed that solitary sex training won't furnish understudies with the full scope of educational program alternatives, good examples, and experience of one another, which make a simpler effective social enthusiasm into future examination and work. This source expressed that the National Association for Single-Sex Public Education covered an investigation by the National Foundation for Educational Research which found that the two young men and young ladies improved in single-sex schools than in blended schools. Tsolidis ;amp; Dobson, 2006) The last scholarly diary source I discovered is, â€Å"Cross-school Mentoring: preparing and executing a friend tutoring strategy† by Gill Pyatt. This diary discussed a coaching program that United Kingdom has been utilizing that begun mid 1980’s and afterward was later improved subsequent to Topping joined an assortment of practices. The program has Year Seven understudies, ages eleven to twelve, from a United Kingdom downtown girl’s school, get cross-guided by Year Twelve, ages sixteen and seventeen years of age, from another nearby girl’s school. (Pyatt, 2002)The Year Twelve young ladies needed to experience a preparation program that endured a sum of twelve hours, to propel them for what was to come when they were begin tutoring and all through the coaching program. The preparation comprised of listening abilities which instructed them to turn out to be better audience members, how to discover answers for the Year Seven girls’ issues, and secrecy. The p rogram additionally showed the Year Twelve young ladies what to look like at it from the Year Seven girls’ viewpoints and how to urge the more youthful students to perceive and peruse states of mind of others, grown-ups and peers. Pyatt, 2002) After the preparation program the Year Twelve young ladies were acquainted with the forty young ladies that they were going to guide of Year Seven. The four Year Twelve young ladies tutored the five Year Seven young ladies which happened week by week, all through the late spring, for seven weeks for about a fourth of an hour on each event. As the fall term came another group of four guides was selected from the Year Twelve gathering and twenty new Year Seven understudies were picked. (Pyatt, 2002)By the finish of the harvest time term it was concurred that the cross-tutoring program had been useful, useful, and was a finished achievement. The program profited both the Year Seven young ladies and Year Twelve young ladies. Particularly th e Year Seven young ladies however in light of the fact that they increased progressively self-assurance and had an increasingly settled starting to their new optional phase of training. The present task was said to proceed for a considerable length of time to come and there are plans to grow the coaching methodology to incorporate recognized understudies from Year Eight and Year Nine. Pyatt, 2002) There are different sociological view focuses that an individual could use to depict single-sex instruction. The main view point an individual could utilize is the functionalistic see. The functionalist hypothesis could be applied to single-sex instruction since it restricts the measures of sexual allurements that typical coeducation secondary schools understudies need to manage. This will at that point bring about you showing signs of improvement grades since you won't need to stress over how beautiful you look or how you can cause yourself to look more to explicitly attractive.Furthermor e guys won't want to attempt to dazzle the ladies and to be physical fit and great. From both the male and female point of view, it diminishes the measure of pressure that typical coeducational secondary school understudies need to endure. Single-sex training additionally gives less interruptions that can be made by the understudies of the other gender, which can, at long last, increment your evaluations since you will be given much more chances to work more enthusiastically and longer on your school work. The subsequent view point an individual could utilize is the contention view.The struggle hypothesis could be applied to single-sex instruction in light of the fact that typically just the individuals that are provided with enough cash and are wealthy can have their youngsters take care of these schools. Things being what they are, what number of individuals with cash issues or of working class have kids that go to a solitary sex school? Single-sex schools will in general be expen sive and cost an abundant excess for individuals of working class and underneath to manage. Typically just the rich are sent to these schools, which just empowers wealthy individuals and understudies to normally just connect with other wealthy individuals or students.Another see point an individual could utilize is from a strict view. A strict view point could be applied to single-sex training since it makes it simpler to help understudies to draw out their training nonappearance. This is on the grounds that they are just going to class with understudies of a similar sexual orientation so it confines their alternatives of spots to meet young men and to date. Single-sex schools additionally offers backing to and assists with pre-marriage sex. This is additionally on the grounds that they are not going to class with the contrary sex which empowers them to concentrate more on different things, for example, scholastics, games, and other activities.In single-sex schools understudies that as of now have beaus or lady friends will be less temped and will have less chances to have the option to undermine their sweetheart or sweetheart. The way of life I chose was the United Kingdom. The closeness between the United Kingdom and the United States on the subject of single-sex instruction is a conspicuous truth, which is that understudies that go to the schools are the equivalent. Something else they share practically speaking is that in the two places the examinations typically demonstrated that solitary sex schools was the better decision in light of the fact that the young men and young ladies had higher test scores.The distinction between the United States and the United Kingdom is the number rehearsing single-sex instructing has shot up in the United Kingdom over the most recent four years from seven to 200 and-twenty-three. Rather than the United Kingdom, in the United States the general pattern is in t

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Hard News vs. Soft News Essay Example For Students

Hard News versus Delicate News Essay Hard News Vs. Delicate News stories are fundamentally isolated into two kinds: hard news and delicate news. Hard new by and large alludes to authorized news and occasions that are accounted for quickly, while delicate news is foundation data or human-intrigue stories. Governmental issues, war, financial matters and wrongdoing used to be viewed as hard news, while expressions, diversion and ways of life were viewed as delicate news. Hard news This is the term writers use to allude to â€Å"news of the day. Hard news is an account of recent developments/episodes and is the most well-known news style on the first page of your commonplace paper. Hard news gives perusers the data they need. In the event that the government declares another young activity, it’s hard news the following day. Instances of hard reports remember reports for wrongdoing, legal disputes, government declarations, house fires, grants services, plane accidents, universal occasions, and so forth. Hard news det ailing utilizes spotless and uncluttered composition. It might begin with a synopsis lead that portrays what occurred, where, when, to/by whom, and why (the writers 5 Ws). The lead must be brief and basic, and the reason for the remainder of the story is to expand on it. Delicate News This is a term for news that isn't really time-touchy. Delicate news incorporates profiles of individuals, projects, or associations. Highlight stories make a stride again from the features to investigate an issue top to bottom. Written in the delicate news style, they are a powerful method to expound on complex issues unreasonably enormous for the brisk style of a hard news thing. A decent element may be about the individuals in your locale and their battles, triumphs and crushes, or possibly about an outing somebody took to Africa as a piece of a school venture. A component for the most part centers around a specific point, investigates it through foundation research and meetings with the individuals in question, and afterward reaches inferences from that data. For a model, see road kids. A hard report should clinically report the pertinent insights: what number of there are, the place they are, and what they’re doing. It as a rule depends on a period delicate snare †for instance, the arrival of another examination, a show by road youth or the troublesome demise of a youngster in the city. A component on road youth isn't constrained in such a way. It may be composed over a more extended timeframe, and permits the one of a kind and point by point accounts of road kids’ singular lives to be communicated. Hard news is the genuine report of what has occurred in a basic, clear, and exact way. This sort of report never misshapes, distorts or gives wrong realities. It reaches no inferences, ,makes no allegations, offers no feelings and doesn't enjoy any hypotheses. Hard news are realities and measurements. Delicate news is illustrative and stubborn one. It tells about foundation; makes determinations, highlights, publications and interpretive and analytical news are on the whole delicate news. In the event that a fire breaks-out in the city, its news is hard news, yet in the event that you go into insights concerning what caused the fire it is delicate news.

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Are Good Comparison Essay Topics Important?

Are Good Comparison Essay Topics Important?If you want to write a good essay for your college admissions test then you need to find out about good comparison essay topics. They should be researched in advance so that you know what kind of topic to write. Here is some advice on this topic from my experience.Most college essays are essays on a certain subject or a theme. This will usually determine the kind of essay topic to write and the writing style you can use. If you have a theme then you are already on the right track. But if you do not have a theme then you need to start by researching what kinds of topics are used for essays.Most good essay topics can be found easily by browsing online and checking out blogs. You can also talk to people who have written good essay topics and see what they suggest. You will get a good idea on what you should write. You can also ask your professor or guidance counselor for advice as well.Your topic should be related to your subject and to the way you study. Good essay topics will have a direct relation with your topic. It is best to have a single link back to your topic because this will help your readers. The first sentence of your essay should have an introduction that will lead your reader to your topic. If you only have a theme to write about, then it will be easier for you to write your essay.You can also use several different kinds of topics. When you choose the one that will be most suitable for your topic, make sure that the topic will relate to the topic of your essay. You can read other writers' essays online to see what kind of topics they use. Do some research on their work, to get an idea on how you can write your own.Good essay topics will also have a clear outline. The outline should tell your readers where they can go when they finish reading your essay. If the outline is not clear, then your readers will be confused and will not be able to get an idea on where to go next. The outline will also make it easie r for you to structure your essay. So plan your essay outline ahead of time.When you prepare your essay, you will have to keep in mind that there are several things you can change or add later on. However, your main theme will stay the same. But once you start writing your essay, you may wish to add details about your topic so that you will not forget to do so later on.Good essay topics should not be difficult for you to write. Once you write your essay, you will realize that writing essays is not too hard. So start writing now and you will not be disappointed when you come to the end of your essay. With a good topic, your essay will be great.

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The Death Of The Lighthouse - 1217 Words

Edward â€Å"Teddy† Daniels, a U.S. Marshal in 1954 is heading to Shutter Island - a remote island accessible only by boat, home to Ashecliffe, a secure psychiatric facility- with his newly assigned partner Chuck, to search for a missing patient. As Teddy looks more into the disappearance of the patient, strange things begin to happen all around him. After his partner’s disappearance, he then comes across a former doctor living in a cave on the side of the island, who tells Teddy that the doctors are performing experimental surgery in the island’s lighthouse. This causes Teddy to take precarious measures to investigate the lighthouse. Upon reaching the lighthouse, Teddy is met by the lead psychiatrist and his â€Å"missing† partner, and is told that this was an elaborate role-play, and that he suffered from mental illness following the death of his children and him murdering his own wife. Teddy comes back to reality as Andrew Laeddis and decides he cannot live with his reality. Andrew Laeddis (Edward â€Å"Teddy† Daniels) was a middle aged, Caucasian man, who had a wife and three children before they were murdered. Laeddis was formerly part of the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp as a soldier in the United States military, then became a U.S. Marshal after the war had ended. Edward Daniels is an anagram for Andrew Laeddis, which is Teddy’s real identity, which he learns when he has a moment of clarity. He had been admitted to the secure psychiatric hospital on Shutter IslandShow MoreRelatedThe Lighthouse By Virginia Woolf1154 Words   |  5 PagesThe purpose of a lighthouse is to serve as a navigational aid to shores or ports and to warn boats of dangerous areas. To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf is a novel that teaches how one person can affect the lives of people around them by, in a sense, shining a light on the person’s specific traits. In the novel, Mrs. Ramsay is one of the main characters that unfortunately does not make it to the end of the story, but her presence is shadowed throughout the novel where she is not there physicallyRead MoreWilliam Woolf s The Lighthouse And Louise Penny s Still Life Differ1187 Words   |  5 PagesVirginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse and Louise Penny’s Still Life differ in genres but managed to have some similarities between them. Still Life was written for detective novel enthusiasts, while To the Lighthouse was written for a niche audience that enjoy novels about modernism. Art is very important in both novels, this can be seen from Jane and Lily’s paintings. Their paintings embody the major concerns of the novels. One can see that Jane and Lily’s paintings have a way of reflecting on theRead MoreArtists and Their Muses in Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray and Woolfs To the Lighthouse1067 Words   |  5 PagesDorian Gray to create his greatest work of art. While in To the Lighthouse, Lily Briscoe finds her inspiration through Mrs. Ramsay and through her art she is able to blossom into her own woman. Briscoe grows through her art while Hallward is killed because of his masterpiece. The fates of the two artists differ so vastly because of how each artist envisions the idea of legacy and how they connect to their own muse. To the Lighthouse and The Picture of Dorian Gray both present the dichotomy of legacyRead MoreThe And The Lighthouse By Woolf969 Words   |  4 Pagesshifting viewpoints through the minds of each character. In To the Lighthouse, Woolf uses this experimental narrative technique to create a subjective reality, representative of Modernism literature, and examines gender roles, broaches the discussion of philosophy, and the discusses aftermath of death and the war. To the Lighthouse was a groundbreaking literary piece and illuminates the beginning of feminist literature. In To the Lighthouse, Woolf creates a novel without a structured plot and insteadRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald And Lullaby By W. H. Auden1170 Words   |  5 PagesGood Afternoon Ms Atkinson and fellow peers, as you can see, the texts I have chosen to discuss with you are To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Lullaby by W. H . Auden, all of which have modernist themes, including conforming to traditional gender roles, time and love. To the Lighthouse revolves around the lives of the Ramsay family who are at their holiday house, hosting some guests, including Lily Briscoe (a painter) and Charles. The family are facedRead MoreBrave New World Critical Analysis755 Words   |  4 Pagesby what he perceives as the backwards morals of this society. He doesn’t partake in what everyone else seems to enjoy, is forced to stay against his will, and because of his growing fury and hatred, eventually banishes himself to a lighth ouse which leads to his death. John had lived with his mother on a reservation in New Mexico until he was around twenty years of age. At this point, he’s introduced to Bernard. Bernard quickly realizes John is the manager’s son and decides to use him as leverageRead MoreAnalysis Of The Open Boat By Stephen Crane1473 Words   |  6 PagesMary began working for the church and writing religious journals. She raised her children in the most idealistic atmosphere of evangelical reformism. Two years after her husband’s death, in 1892, only seven of Mary Crane’s children were still living. Throughout Crane’s childhood he quickly became very familiar with death. After graduating high school, Crane attended Claverick College, a military school where he studied the Civil War. Afterwards, he attended a few semesters at Lafayette College andRead More To The Lighthouse Essay1732 Words   |  7 Pages Pause, reflect, and the reader may see at once the opposing yet relative perceptions made between life, love, marriage and death in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse. In this novel, Woolf seems to capture perfectly the very essence of life, while conveying life’s significance as communicated to the reader in light tones of consciousness arranged with the play of visual imagery. That is, each character in the novel plays an intrinsic role in that the individuality of other characters can be seenRead More Evolution of the Modern Woman in Virginia Woolfs To the Lighthouse1493 Words   |  6 PagesEvolution of the Modern Woman in Virginia Woolfs To the Lighthouse Virginia Woolfs To the Lighthouse examines the role of women or more specifically, the evolution of the modern woman. The two main female characters in the novel, Mrs Ramsay and Lily Briscoe, both represent different views on life and follow different paths on their search for meaning. Lily Briscoe transcends the traditional female gender roles embodied by Mrs Ramsay; by coming into her own as an independent and modern womanRead MoreThe Seven Wonders of Ancient World Essay1119 Words   |  5 PagesThere are seven most remarkable structures of ancient times and I’m going to write about four out of the seven. The statue of Zeus, which was created in 432 B.C., by Phidius, the lighthouse Of Alexandria that was created by Sostratus in 290 B.C. and took 20 years to complete. The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus that was first created in 800 B.C. by Croesus and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus that was built around 353 and 350 B.C. These are only four out of the seven wonders I will be wr iting about who

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Values And Attributes Of Ethical Organizations - 1086 Words

Values and Attributes of Ethical Organizations Robert Neal Point Park University Abstract This paper with explore the values and attributes of what an ethical organization is comprised of. It will explain: values, attitude, behavior, and ethical behavior. This paper will also look at the PepsiCo Company as it relates to these characteristics and show how PepsiCo has become one of the most recognized ethical organizations in business. It will give examples of what this company does in order to promote and maintain this stand of ethics. They meet these attributes in a number of ways from: advertising responsibility, Company policy, employee compliance training, core values, Environmental sustainability, water stewardship, and recycling to mention a few. PepsiCo also follows up on their polies with a variety of training and activities to reinforce their core beliefs. Values and Attributes of Ethical Organizations Ethics as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad ethics, an area of study that deals with ideas about what is good and bad behavior, a branch of philosophy dealing with what is morally right or wrong, and a belief that something is very important. A full definition of ethics is the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation, a set of moral principles, a theory or system of moral values, the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group, aShow MoreRelatedValues That Make An Ethical Business Leader972 Words   |  4 PagesValues That Make an Ethical Business Leader Values and ethics are essential for any good business leader, but what exactly does it mean to have good values and ethics? Both are extremely broad terms, however they both are very relevant in business leaders. â€Å"Values can be defined as things that are important to or valued by someone. That someone can be an individual or an organization. Values determine what is right and what is wrong, and doing what is right or wrong is what defines ethics. To behaveRead MoreEthics Is Broader Than The Law Essay1094 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Ethics involves wider understanding of the human attributes regarding duties and rights. Ethical study carries in Massey University, and it has helped in clarifying that ethics is broader than the law. It helps in introducing different aspects such as justice, truthfulness and state of a person attributes. Taking example of staffs, it helps in integrating the social and cultural, gender and economic difference arising taking into consideration of Treaty of Waitangi. It empowers the staffsRead MoreLeadership, Trustworthiness and Ethical Stewardship Essay1183 Words   |  5 Pagesis the trust factor in defining a good leader? Without an established trust relationship a leader is unable to be effective. The problem to be investigated is the value of trustworthiness and ethical stewardship in the construct of the organizational leadership model. This paper shall explore the co-functions of trust and ethical stewardship and its impact on leadership effectiveness. â€Æ' Introduction In 2012, there is very little allegiance or loyalty among organizational membersRead MoreAbuse of Authority Essay1274 Words   |  6 Pagesadhered to the Army Values and the Leadership Requirements Model, many ethical dilemmas that Noncommissioned Officers face on a daily basis would not occur. In the Army today, Soldiers constantly discuss values and leadership, unfortunately not everyone takes them seriously. The abuse of authority and command influence sometimes displayed by leaders puts subordinates into ethical dilemmas. Often, command influence will challenge the Loyalty, Duty, Respect, and Honor values that a leader attemptsRead MoreThe Leader s Ethical Values Influence Leadership Style Essay1658 Words   |  7 Pagesindustries for instance, public, private, government, and non-profit/for-profit. The leader’s ethical values influence leadership style. The research suggests that the transformational leadership style is established on deontological ethics whereas transactional leadership is based on teleological ethics. Leader values and transformational/ transactional leadership suggest that a divergent set of ethical values serves as the foundations of the respective leadership influence processes. TeleologicalRead MoreThe Theory Of Ethical Leadership929 Words   |  4 PagesExplanation of Ethical Leadership The research of Thomas W. H. Ng and Daniel C. Feldman provides quantitative data, which validates the effectiveness of Ethical Leadership through the meta-analysis of 101 ethical leadership related studies conducted over the last 15 years. Somewhat in nascent form, Ethical Leadership (Ng Feldman, 2015) is viewed as conduct predicated on exhibiting positive role mode actions while promoting moral member conduct through collaboration, communication, and reinforcingRead MoreThe Issues of Ethics970 Words   |  4 PagesIssues of Ethics The two major ethical theories that have the most relevance and prudence to my contemporary views are utilitarianism and those aligned with the concept of a categorical imperative. The philosophy of the former of these was widely pioneered by both Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill. The notion of a categorical imperative was largely popularized by Immanuel Kant. In all actuality, the efficaciousness of these philosophies is widely determined by the particular moral dilemma whichRead MoreHigh Ethical And Moral Standards1029 Words   |  5 Pagesinterchangeable and almost all include but are not limited to: High ethical and moral standards; Empowerment including coaching and mentoring;Interpersonal relationships and communication; Team building;and Managing conflict. High Ethical and Moral Standards: Although each competency may be equally important; the top priority leadership attribute to possess would be high ethical and moral standards. A leader with high ethical standards conveys a commitment to following the rules and or lawsRead MoreOrganizational Culture : An Organization1303 Words   |  6 PagesCulture, a multi-dimensional notion that resides in all individuals, yet is also the same hidden force that separates most behavioral patterns seen inside and outside of organizations (Schein, 2004). Understanding organizational culture is important because it aids in the awareness of the life of an organization, which is relative since it is believed that organizational culture impacts the performance of an enterprise, but just as leadership plays a vital in creating the organization’s culture,Read MoreThe Leader Follower Relationship : Defining, Designing, And Biblical Truth1634 Words   |  7 Pages(economic, social, technical, and political) between nations† (Northouse, 2013, p. 383). It has created economical benefits as well as â€Å"made it difficult to build multinational organizations, select quality leaders, and manage diverse followers† (p. 383). The need for competent leadership is imperative to the organizations ability to be successful in a foreign market. Defining global leadership can be broken down into two parts: global mindset and leadership. Global mindset refers to an â€Å"openness

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The Computer Technology Free Essays

Computers are capable of doing more things every year. There are many advantages to knowing how to use a computer, and it is important that everyone know how to use them properly. Using the information I have gathered, and my own knowledge from my 12 years of computer experience, I will explain the many advantages of owning a computer and knowing how to use a PC and I will attempt to explain why you should purchase a computer and learn how to use one properly. We will write a custom essay sample on The Computer Technology or any similar topic only for you Order Now Webster’s New World Compact Dictionary defines a computer as â€Å"an electronic machine that performs rapid, complex calculations or compiles and correlates data† (â€Å"Computer. ). While this definition gives one a very narrow view of what a computer is capable of doing, it does describe the basic ideas of what I will expand upon. We have been living through an age of computers for a short while now and there are already many people world wide that are computer literate. According to Using Computers: A Gateway to Information World Wide Web Edition, over 250 million Personal Computers (PC’s) were in use by 1995, and one out of every three homes had a PC (Shelly, Cashman, Waggoner, 138). Computers are easy to use when you know how they work and what the parts are. All computers perform the four basic operations of the information processing cycle: input, process, output, and storage. Data, any kind of raw facts, is required for the processing cycle to occur. Data is processed into useful information by the computer hardware. Most computer systems consist of a monitor, a system unit which contains the Central Processing Unit (CPU), a floppy-disk drive, a CD-ROM drive, speakers, a keyboard, a mouse, and a printer. Each component takes a part in one of the four operations. The keyboard and mouse are input devices that a person uses to enter data into the computer. From there the data goes to the system unit where it is processed into useful information the computer can understand and work with. Next the processed data can be sent to storage devices or to output devices. Normally output is sent to the monitor and stored on the hard-disk or to a floppy-disk located internal of the system unit. Output can also be printed out through the printer, or can be played through the speakers as sound depending on the form it takes after it is processed. Once you have grasped a basic understanding of the basic parts and operations of a computer, you can soon discover what you can do with computers to make life easier and more enjoyable. Being computer literate allows you to use many powerful software applications and utilities to do work for school, business, or pleasure. Microsoft is the current leading producer of many of these applications and utilities. Microsoft produces software called operating systems that manage and regulate the information processing cycle. The oldest of these is MS-DOS, a single user system that uses typed commands to initiate tasks. Currently Microsoft has available operating systems that use visual cues such as icons to help enter data and run programs. These operating systems are ran under an environment called a Graphical User Interface (GUI’s). Such operating systems include Windows 3. xx, Windows 95, and Windows NT Workstation. Windows 95 is geared more for use in the home for productivity and game playing whereas Windows NT is more business orientated. The article entitled â€Å"Mine, All Mine† in the June 5, 1995 issue of Time stated that 8 out of 10 PC’s worldwide would not be able to start or run if it were not for Microsoft’s operating systems like MS-DOS, Windows 95, and Windows NT (Elmer-Dewitt, 1995, p. 50). By no means has Microsoft limited itself to operating systems alone. Microsoft has also produced a software package called Microsoft Office that is very useful in creating reports, databases, spreadsheets, presentations, and other documents for school and work. Microsoft Office: Introductory Concepts and Techniques provides a detailed, step-by-step approach to the four programs included in Microsoft Office. Included in this package are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft Word is a word processing program that makes creating professional looking documents such as announcements, resumes, letters, address books, and reports easy to do. Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet program, has features for data organization, calculations, decision making, and graphing. It is very useful in making professional looking reports. Microsoft Access, a powerful database management system, is useful in creating and processing data in a database. Microsoft PowerPoint is â€Å". . a complete presentation graphics program that allows you to produce professional looking presentations† (Shelly, Cashman, Vermaat, 2). PowerPoint is flexible enough so that you can create electronic presentations, overhead transparencies, or even 35mm slides. Microsoft also produces entertainment and reference programs. â€Å"Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is one of the best selling PC games of all time† (Elmer-Dewitt, 50). Microsoft’s Encarta is an electronic CD-ROM encyclopedia that makes for a fantastic alternative to 20 plus volume book encyclopedias. In fact, it is so popular, it outsells the Encyclopedia Britannica. These powerful business, productivity, and entertainment applications are just the beginning of what you can do with a PC. Knowing how to use the Internet will allow you access to a vast resource of facts, knowledge, information, and entertainment that can help you do work and have fun. According to Netscape Navigator 2 running under Windows 3. , â€Å"the Internet is a collection of networks, each of which is composed of a collection of smaller networks† (Shelly, Cashman, Jordan, N2). Information can be sent over the Internet through communication lines in the form of graphics, sound, video, animation, and text. These forms of computer media are known as hypermedia. Hypermedia is accessed through hypertext links, which are pointers to the computer where the hypermedia is stored. The World Wide Web (WWW) is the collection of these hypertext links throughout the Internet. Each computer that contains hypermedia on the WWW is known as a Web site and has Web pages set up for users to access the hypermedia. Browsers such as Netscape allow people to â€Å"surf the net† and search for the hypermedia of their choice. There are millions of examples of hypermedia on the Internet. You can find art, photos, information on business, the government, and colleges, television schedules, movie reviews, music lyrics, online news and magazines, sport sights of all kinds, games, books, and thousands of other hypermedia on the WWW. You can send electronic mail (E-Mail), chat with other users around the world, buy airline, sports, and music tickets, and shop for a house or a car. All of this, and more, provides one with a limitless supply of information for research, business, entertainment, or other personal use. Online services such as America Online, Prodigy, or CompuServe make it even easier to access the power of the Internet. The Internet alone is almost reason enough to become computer literate, but there is still much more that computers can do. Knowing how to use a computer allows you to do a variety of things in several different ways. One of the most popular use for computers today is for playing video games. With a PC you can play card games, simulation games, sport games, strategy games, fighting games, and adventure games. Today’s technology provides the ultimate experiences in color, graphics, sound, music, full motion video, animation, and 3D effects. Computers have also become increasingly useful in the music, film, and television industry. Computers can be used to compose music, create sound effects, create special effects, create 3D life-like animation, and add previous existing movie and TV footage into new programs, as seen in the movie Forrest Gump. All this and more can be done with computers. There is truly no time like the present to become computer literate. Computers will be doing even more things in the future and will become unavoidable. Purchasing and learning about a new PC now will help put PC’s into the other two-thirds of the homes worldwide and make the transition into a computer age easier. How to cite The Computer Technology, Essay examples

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Lululemon Case Analysis free essay sample

Lululemon Athletica, Inc. Created by: Kelsey Davis GBA 490-901 March 21, 2014 Table of Contents Executive Summary To: Laurent Potdiven Chief Executive Officer Lululemon Athletica Inc. This report has been created with the intent to analyze the athletic apparel industry with a specific focus on Lululemon Athletica, Inc. , further refered to as Lululemon. In this report you will find that the strengths and weaknesses of Lululemon’s current strategies and future goals are analyzed and compared to that of its closest competitors. In conclusion to the analysis, recommendations have been made to potentially guide Lululemon Athletica, Inc. in a positive direction in regards to its future endeavors. The following tools were used to examine Lululemon Athletica, Inc. : An overview of Lululemon’s external environment An evaluation of the competitive forces within the athletic apparel industry. An evaluation of the rivals within Lululemon’s industry and analysis of a strategic group map for athletic apparel industry An overview of Lululemon’s internal environment A S. We will write a custom essay sample on Lululemon Case Analysis or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page W. O. T.  analysis of Lululemon An analysis of the key success factors within the yoga-inspired athletic apparel industry An evaluation of the driving forces of change within this industry An assessment of Lululemon Athletica Inc. ’s current strategy An analysis of Lululemon Athletica Inc. ’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats A weighted competitive strength assessment of Lululemon Athletica Inc. and its two closest rivals in the industry An assessment of Lululemon Athletica Inc. ’s competitive advantage An evaluation of Lululemon Athletica Inc.  Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s most recent financial results The findings of this report show that Lululemon Athletica Inc. is in a niche market that is becoming ever more competitive. Although this is the case, Lululemon has been able to hold on to a majority of this niche market share due to its ongoing efforts to develop athletic apparel that possess a envious dynamic of style and practical fit. Because of the strategi es and goals Lululemon has set in place they have strategically and successfully positioned themselves to reap the rewards of great success and growing popularity. In order to maintain this high in the years to come, Lululemon must work hard to maintain strong management, pricing power, and a budget focused on constantly providing new technology within the realm of athletic wear development. External Environment As we have noted previously, Lululemon operates in the athletic apparel industry. Just like many of Lululemon’s competitors, they outsource the production of their products to manufacturers in other countries. The majority of the apparel being manufactured in Asia where it is most cost efficient to produce. By producing in under developed countries where labor is cheap and selling their final products at grossly marked up prices in highly developed countries they are able to achieve the substantial profit that they have consistently seen for the past few years. Although it may be cheaper to outsource production to under developed countries, it can be difficult to maneuver through their political constructs and manufacturing regulations or lack thereof. In addition to manufacturing in foreign countries, outside of Lululemon’s home base of Canada, it also has retail stores that are currently located in the Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. (Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, and Strickland 39-52) By selling products to consumers in multiple countries, you always have to consider the state of their economy. This can greatly affect current sales and how Lululemon will project sales there in the near future. Because athletic apparel, especially high end athletic apparel, is not a necessity, Lululemon has to rely on consumers having a disposable income to purchase their  products. Since Lululemon is a brand centered on healthy living, they must keep up with the current trends of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and make an effort to incorporate that into their product’s look, feel, and all together vibe. In the athletic apparel industry, as in any industry, it is key to stay in touch with the current trends in order t o keep your products relevant. With Lululemon focused on such a niche activity it will be important that they explore other markets within the sports apparel industry in the future so as to stay relevant. We can see the company’s first steps in doing just this when they recently introduced their men’s apparel line. A summary of the athletic apparel industry’s external environment are listed in Exhibit 1. Driving Five Forces Lululemon faces constant competitive pressures from the five main driving forces: rivals/competitors, new entrants, substitute products, suppliers bargaining power, and buyers bargaining power. ( Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, and Strickland) Below is a detailed analysis of the competitive forces noted in Exhibit 2. The rivalry among existing competitors is strong. It is becoming increasingly harder to develop new and unique products based solely around a small niche activity. There are only so many aspects of yoga that can be explored and that products can be developed to accompany. Although Lululemon was the first, new competitors are seeing the profit to be had in this niche market and are entering with the goal of creating new more creative strategies to compete with Lululemon and take part of their large market share. (Morning Star) The threat of new entrants is moderate. Although this niche market is attractive, it takes a substantial initial investment to create, develop, and market, this high end performance wear. It is also hard to gain a share of the market when having to compete against already existing large chains. What causes there to still be a potential threat of new entrants is that consumers’ demand have consistently been increasing and they will have to be met by someone. If the existing companies in the industry can’t keep up with demand created by the consumers this will leave an opening for new entrants. The threat of substitute products is low due to the consumers demand for the highest quality products and their strong loyalty to the already existing brands in the industry. It is nearly impossible to duplicate the performance of the high quality materials these products are made for a lower cost or lower quality material. (Morning Star) The bargaining power of the suppliers is strong because very few suppliers offer the quality materials and fabrics needed to produce these products. Consequently, the bargaining power of the buyer is low because there isn’t much room for negotiation on the price of the products due to the need for such quality. (Morning Star) Rivals and Industry Leadership There are many competitors within the athletic apparel industry. With such a diluted market it can be hard to obtain and maintain a sizable portion of the market share, but Lululemon does just that by focusing its brand on the niche yoga market segment. The top two industry leaders with in the athletic apparel market are Nike and The Adidas Group as noted in Exhibit 9. Though these two have the greatest market share, they do not have focus on one segment of the market. By Lululemon focusing on the yoga market segment they are able to allocate a greater percentage of their resources to the research and development of their yoga apparel making Lululemon a top ranking rival within that market segment. With that in mind, Nike and The Adidas Group have had to focus on the marketing campaign of their yoga apparel line to stay competitive in that market segment. (Morning Star) Lululemon’s apparel is tailored to suit the wants and needs of the niche yoga buyer. Although Lululemon started off producing on a small scale their production has quickly grown over the last several years due to its ever growing popularity. By focusing on creating athletic apparel for one particular activity, yoga, Lululemon has cornered that market making it hard for rivals who create athletic wear for many sports to compete. (Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, and Strickland) Internal Environment: Strategy Business Model It takes very little research to find out that Lululemon possesses a rare cult phenomenon that exudes a status symbol among people who practice yoga. This all comes rightfully so due to the fact that from the beginning founder Chip Wilson focused on developing a premium line of yoga inspired athletic apparel. In 2007, after taking the company public, Lululemon announced a growth strategy that had five key elements: 1. )They aimed to grow the company’s store base in the United States while continuing to expand in Canada. 2. ) They focused on increasing brand awareness via grassroots marketing programs like organized yoga-focused events.