Saturday, February 15, 2020

Identify and discuss two nutrition problems facing america and 2 Essay

Identify and discuss two nutrition problems facing america and 2 recommendations to lwer the risk and health coasts associated with these issues - Essay Example Eating a balanced diet is a nutritional value that the Americans have ignored or do not follow, thus the rising economic and individual costs on healthcare. Past researches portrays that restaurants have increased due to the increase in demand for food and drinks from the Americans who do not like cooking and not observing the need for balanced diet. These poor nutritional habits are the cause of many deadly diseases that are expensive to maintain thus the need for the essay to discuss some of them. Obesity and diabetes are the major illnesses caused by poor nutrition habits that affect most of the American citizens and they facilitate the emergence of other chronic diseases (Duggan, Watkins, & Walker, 2008). Obesity is a body mass index (BMI) that is greater than 30 kg/m2 and it is caused by overeating and consumption of food rich in fats. Obesity and over weight is increasing at an alarming rate in the U.S. and this disease has led to the government increasing its resources on this disease to $150 billion. In the past 30 years, obesity and overweight have increased and currently more than 60% of the adults are either obese or overweight. The individual expenses have increased due to the increase of people paying to reduce weight. The increment in obesity is identical to the increment of restaurants in the U.S. since most people have adopted the consumption of fast food and Trans fats. The rate of children obesity is also in the rise since in 1974 only 5.1% of children were obese. The reports released in 2008 reveal that more than 14.6% of children were obese (Pan American Health Organization. 2010). The issue of obesity has become a global crisis. The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed it in its top ten-health crisis, and it is undertaking measures to enlighten the world on the issue of healthy nutrition. The BMI used by the WHO has been changed and

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Is the USA PATRIOT Act an effective deterrent to terrorism Why, why Essay

Is the USA PATRIOT Act an effective deterrent to terrorism Why, why not What are your suggestions for combating terrorism - Essay Example The Patriot Act freed up international intelligence agencies so that they could share information in order to fight terrorism worldwide. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison stated, â€Å"The Patriot Act has enabled our law enforcement much more capability to capture terrorism than we ever had before† (Ynn, 2004). The Patriot Act has helped the government track a lot of the money that was being laundered to fund terrorist organizations. A lot more has to be done in order to improve our chances in the fight against terrorism. A strategy that could be used to attack terrorism is to improve the diplomacy efforts worldwide. The UN could formulate a special terrorism task force to oversee the efforts of the different intelligence agencies across the world. The agency’s budget would be funded by all the UN allies. The develop nations would have to contribute more money than the developing nations. The Patriot Act help unite the intelligence community, but the efforts of these agencie s are still fragmented. There is a lack of a united front against terrorism. The current war on the Middle East is hurting the image of the war of terrorism because people feel that the war is driven by the desire of the US and its allies to control the petroleum in the Middle East. A new effort lead by the UN would provide legitimacy to the war on terrorism. References (2004). Hutchison says Patriot Act effective in fighting terrorism. YNN.